28 Mar

Startup Marketing isn't quite like conventional marketing. So how different is it really? The key is properly coupling the right channels with the right product: Content Marketing and Social Media PR. To simplify, Content Marketing deals with creating and distributing content for readers, and Social Media PR deals with the distribution of that content to promote your business.
The challenge when using a startup marketing strategy to promote your business is that in order to reach influencers, you need to be visible enough in the first place. This can take time - weeks, if you're just starting out, months if you have been in business a while. In addition, as influencers are savvy to internet marketers using 'keep up' strategies or 'partnering' with them to gain exposure, new faces of your company won't always be welcomed. So how do you overcome these hurdles?

One answer is content marketing. This will not only get you in front of the target audience, but it will also increase your presence in the search engines, which will help your rankings. As content marketing tends to be the backbone of your startup marketing plan, you'll want to hire a good content marketing company. Look for one with experience and who is transparent in their process so you know exactly what you'll get for your money.

The other part of a successful content marketing campaign is your reputation. You want your content to be thoughtful and informational, but you want to do this in a way that will also set you apart from the competition. It's important for you to be forthcoming and communicative when it comes to reaching out to your target audiences, but at the same time, stay informative and down-to-earth. Avoid putting sales gloss on your content and don't embellish your information (e.g., use jargon). Engage your audience by explaining the benefits of your product or service. Even though you want to sell, if you can show that you are a trustworthy person and that your startup prides itself on being "ethical" it will go a long way in establishing credibility. You can hire the top inbound marketing companies to get the best services.

Once your content marketing campaign has kicked into gear, then you need to get out on the internet and onto your landing page and start communicating. In your startup marketing plan, you want to make sure that you give people plenty of reasons to want to work with you. Don't try any hard sell, but instead, focus on providing helpful, quality information and making sure that the landing page and your website are always filled with helpful tips and tutorials. Always make sure that you are listening to your customer experience and making adjustments where needed.

Startup businesses face tremendous challenges, and no matter how well you are planning and strategizing, something will always go wrong. As long as you are willing to learn from past mistakes and constantly make yourself accessible to your potential customers, then you should have no trouble continuing to grow your business and meeting the needs of your clients. A successful internet marketing campaign for startups includes getting the word out about your blog posts, social media pages, website, and any other promotional materials that you might be using. If you want to be the best company, you have to learn to be the best publicist as well. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketing.

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